3 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Amazon Private Label

3 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Amazon Private Label

Starting a private label and selling on Amazon opens up the world of e-commerce to anyone. Amazon private label businesses don’t need to worry about manufacturing and setting up an e-commerce store.

For those looking to break into the multi-billion dollar personal care industry, it’s the simplest way to place your products front and center. Read on to know the three easy steps to start your own private label on Amazon.

But First, Why Amazon Private Label?

Breaking into e-commerce can be challenging for entrepreneurs. Businesses today can’t afford to skip an online presence, but that often means having the savvy to manage a website. Putting your brand on Amazon’s presence takes care of this and more.

Managing an independent website can require learning an entirely new complicated set of skills. This may be overwhelming for many new business owners who would rather focus on their businesses instead of tech savviness.  

By using Amazon, you’re not forced to open your own e-commerce website. You can place your brand on an already highly trusted website boasting millions of unique visitors per day in the United States alone. 

While business owners selling on Amazon will need to keep up with their own online shops by updating inventory, inputting product descriptions, and managing reviews, regular website maintenance and functionality don’t fall on them.

Private label sellers on Amazon can take their bath salt businesses and put them front and center where the action happens in e-commerce.

Select Your Contract Manufacturer, Develop Your Product

The first step in starting your own private label on Amazon is choosing a contract manufacturer and developing your products. Your contract manufacturer should be experienced and trustworthy. They should also use only the highest quality ingredients. After all, it will be their manufactured product that will bear your name and uphold your reputation.

Working with a manufacturer like PrivateLabelBathSalts.com will ensure your customers get a safe and high-quality product. We only use pure epsom salt in making bath salts. We can provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) upon request and we work with a third-party laboratory that can provide any additional certificates. Read this to learn more.

When you find your chosen manufacturer, it’s time to develop your products. Using your desired brand identity as an inspiration point, work with the professionals in charge of creating your products. Focusing on scent, experience, and product design is when you can really communicate your brand in a concrete way to new customers.

Figure Out Your Fulfillment Strategy

Once you have your product ready, you’ll need to figure out how you can make it accessible to your customers. You can have your contract manufacturer ship to you so you can fulfill orders yourself or you can become an FBA seller. 

FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon, which sends your products to an Amazon warehouse for packaging and shipment. Our team at PrivateLabelBathSalts.com can ship to Amazon for you. Our location is just an hour-long drive away from an Amazon FBA warehouse.

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Create Your Listings

Creating your listings is the most important step. This says you’re ready to get your business started and ready for your products to get into the hands of your customers. Here are the steps to creating listings:

Keyword Research

First, research keywords for your business. If you’re selling bath salts and scrubs, and your brand has an all-natural or earthy brand image, you may select keywords like “all-natural,” “essential oils,” “natural bath,” or “soothing epsom salt bath.” 

These keywords are what new customers will organically place in search engines. This will cause your products to come up as relevant items they may be interested in purchasing.

Keyword Integration

Once you’ve found your keywords, use them liberally but naturally in your listing title and your product description. You want your listing to read with your brand voice. You also want it to be something engaging enough to grab the attention of those who come upon your listing. 

To stand out from the competition, inject personality and storytelling, and forge connections through your listing. 

Product Image Creation

After your listing has been created, it’s time to show off your product. Product images are important. They should not only highlight your brand but make it stand out amongst the competition.

Before a customer reads your listing, they’re likely going to look at the image first. This is why you want it to be attention-grabbing, professional, and attractive. Most importantly, you want it to be in line with your branding.

We Can Help You Start An Amazon Private Label

PrivateLabelBathSalts.com offers the kind of high-quality USP Grade epsom and natural sea salts Amazon private label sellers are looking for to create an e-commerce business they can be proud of.

We have years of experience working with Amazon. We can help you throughout the entire process, from manufacturing your products and setting up your Amazon store to dispatching them to an Amazon FBA warehouse. Fill out this form to get started.

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