Amazon Private Label Bath Salts: Why They Sell And How You Can Start Your Own Brand

amazon private label bath salts

Private label products are manufactured by a contract manufacturer for a company or a brand owner that signs an agreement with them. In other words, an Amazon private label product is a product created by two companies (the manufacturer and the brand owner), but buyers will only see one of them (the brand owner) on the product labels.

Selling private label products on Amazon can prove profitable. Here are some reasons why they sell and how you can start your own private label brand on Amazon. 

Amazon Private Label Bath Salt Considerations

Before choosing to launch your brand as a private label on Amazon, there are a few things you should take into consideration:

Startup Costs

If you are a small business starting out in the bath salt industry, then contract manufacturing for these personal care products will prove to be ideal. Larger companies often have their own product development teams for formula development and quality checks. They also may need to increase their manufacturing capacity to meet production needs.

When you choose contract manufacturing for your small business, you will have minimal startup costs and can still access a quality product you can use for your brand. 

Why Private Label Products Sell

Suppose you’ve decided to sell private label bath salts, it makes sense to do some research on the kinds of salts and bath additives that people generally like. (We at can help you do this easily.)

Amazon is a good platform for online selling because it has placed certain measures to help sellers connect to their target buyers. Your advertising budget can dramatically increase your sales, but only if your products are actually really good with a niche market. Bath salts draw great demand, so your private label bath salts can take advantage of the market interest that other brands have drawn. 

Choose products that already sell well. Then, choose a private label contract manufacturer who will not disappoint. Bath salts are relatively less expensive to produce compared to other products, so you may be able to grow your business well even from small beginnings.

How To Start Your Own Brand On Amazon

Now that you know the many benefits of selling private label products on Amazon, let’s review how to get started.

  1. Start By Choosing Your Products: When looking for the best private label bath salts, you want to do your research. Find a product you can stand behind and one that can become a best seller.
  1. Partner With An Experienced Contract Manufacturer: A contract manufacturer to secure your private label products is a good way to go. Talk to us today if you would like to start a private label bath salts brand.
  1. Build Your Brand Identity (Logo And Label): When you sell private label products on Amazon, there is a lack of direct competition. This means no one is selling your product with the same brand and packaging. Your logo and packaging promote brand awareness, increase consumer engagement, and provide social proof of quality. We can help you develop your brand identity, too.
  1. Request Sample Products: Next, ask your contract manufacturer for sample products to ensure the quality of your bath salts before you go to market.
  1. Figure Out An Amazon Fulfillment Strategy: You can find an outside source to help package and ship your product or become an Amazon FBA seller.
  1. Start Your Listing: Once your bath salt products, packaging, and everything else have been quality assured, it is time to list your products on Amazon. This could be a daunting process at first, but if you get a good consultant (call us now), you’ll go through the most difficult parts more easily.

Take a moment to define your private label goals now. Visualize your brand logo and overall brand identity. Yes, that’s just how you start your own private label business.

Got questions? Contact us today. We can’t wait to see your Amazon private label thrive. 

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