Amazon Private Label: How Old Is Your Market?

Amazon Private Label How Old Is Your Market

A lot of entrepreneurs are eager to find out if they can grow their brand as an Amazon private label business. Between 2017 and 2023, the marketplace has more than tripled the number of private label brands offered on the platform, as well as its own private label products.

Third-party sales still outshine Amazon products sold under a private label in most spaces. In 2000, just 3% of Amazon’s total sales were from third-party sellers or independent entrepreneurs. As the platform grew and became the household name it is today, this figure rose to 60% in the year 2020. In the beauty and personal care industry, 65% of products are offered by third-party sellers and independent entrepreneurs. 

Your Amazon Private Label Niche 

Because you’re competing with not just Amazon’s own private labels but those from third-party sellers, independent entrepreneurs will have to take special care to find and target their market on Amazon. Some of the most successful private label sellers on the platform, like Zhou Nutrition from Neutraceutical International, are able to sell their businesses for millions thanks in part to their Amazon success. 

Focusing on a niche is an excellent way to cement yourself into space using Amazon as a platform. Sea salt or bath salt can be your product foundation, which then contributes to your overall brand image, your brand personality, and your ability to connect with your customer base. This makes the massive Amazon world a bit “smaller” and gives you better visibility with the audiences you want to reach. 

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How Old Is Your Amazon Market?

Next, spend time getting to know your market. Your research on demographics can help you go a long way in any business. Regardless of the specific demographics you’re interested in, you’ll want to put genuine care into your listings. Well-written SEO-focused content and descriptions, transparent product details, and a “made in USA” distinction are all important. 

Private label bath salt has its place in the Amazon world, and Amazon provides an excellent opportunity for third-party entrepreneurs to place their products in front of consumers of all demographics. With a high-quality product, market research, and a well-built brand image, any private label seller can stand out amongst their competition. 

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