How much does it cost for Private Label Bath Salts and Foot Soaks?
Pricing will depend on a variety of factors, but mostly it will be a factor of your product packaging type, your product size, and the quantity of your order. Larger orders help drive down your per unit cost, of course, but we’re very happy to support just about any size order you have.

What are your minimum order quantities? (MOQs)
Our minimum order quantity depends on the nature of your order. Some orders we can accommodate as low as 300 units while other orders will require 500 unit MOQs. We will work with you to find a project structure that meets your goals while also meeting your budget.

Can you do graphic design too?
Yes! We have a graphic design team ready to help you with label design, label formatting, logo design, packaging design, and more.

What types of packaging do you have available?
Our most popular packaging-type is stand-up pouches, which consumers love. In addition to pouches, we have capabilities for filling jars, sachets, buckets, and more.

Can you ship to Amazon FBA?
Yes, we can ship to Amazon on your behalf. You will need to provide us with the necessary shipping labels and Amazon’s product prep details for your product, and we can handle the rest. Our facility is located within 1-hours drive of nearly a dozen Amazon FBA Warehouses.

Can you ship to my warehouse?
Yes, we can ship your finished products virtually anywhere in the world. We also offer short-term and long-term storage options in our warehouse, too.

Do you offer custom packaging design?
Yes, we have several graphic designers on staff who can help with designing your packaging. We also work with several 3rd party packaging supply companies who can help with fully printed pouches and more.

Can I choose my own ingredients?
Yes, we offer a list of stock ingredients, but you are welcome to provide your own ingredients lists.

Do you offer organic ingredients?
Organic ingredients are available for most ingredient types, but note that some ingredients simply don’t have an “organic” qualification available. We can work with you to help you achieve your organic or other consumer-focused goals.

Can you provide dropshipping services?
Yes, provide us with the details for your drop-shipping project, and we will offer custom pricing and custom services.

Will you include a COA?
Yes, we can provide you with a formal Certificate of Analysis upon completion of your project. We also work with a 3rd party laboratory who can provide any additional certificates, testing, etc.

What kind of product testing do you provide?
Our 3rd party lab can provide a wide range of stability testing, microbiological testing, RIPT patch testing, and much more.

Can you certify my products?
Yes, let us know your needs, and we can setup a custom certification project to suit your goals.

Can I switch from another manufacturer to you instead?
Absolutely – this is a common request. Of course, we’ll want to know what went wrong with your existing supplier so we can be sure you’re completely satisfied when you switch your bath soaks production to us.

How do you accept payment?
Most orders will require check or ACH bank payment. We also take most major credit cards for most orders.

What is the price per unit?
Your price per unit will depend on a variety of factors. Let us know about your project details, and we’ll provide your custom quote.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping will depend upon your final shipment destination. If you’re shipping to Amazon FBA, this will be routed through your Amazon Seller Central account.

What is the difference between a foot soak and a bath soak?
Foot Soaks and Bath Soaks are often made with the same ingredients or similar ingredients. Usually, the distinction is based on your marketing and ingredients selections.

Do you offer stock formulas?
Yes, we offer stock formulas for bath soaks, foot soaks, and more.

Can I choose my own formula?
Yes, you can provide your own formulation.

Where are you located?
We are located in beautiful Shelbyville, Kentucky 40065. If you’re interested in visiting our facility, contact us to setup a tour. We love visitors!

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