Private Label Bath Products: Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, And More

private label bath products

The bath and body industry is one of the most lucrative industries today. There is high demand for high-quality private label bath products, especially those that are made with all-natural ingredients.

Starting a private label bath business is a great idea for seasoned or aspiring entrepreneurs. To get you started, here are some top-selling products you may want to consider:

Private Label Bath Products Idea: Bath Salts

Bath salts or bath soaks are made with sea salt or mineral salt and are usually infused with essential oils. They can be added to warm water in a bath or used as a scrub. This product is popular because it helps keep the skin soft and moisturized while also offering relaxing and calming benefits for its users.

Foot Salts

Foot salts are similar to bath salts in that they are a popular self-care item. They target the feet—helping soften and get rid of callous and hard skin on the feet, while also helping reduce the tension in the feet muscles.

If you need a manufacturing company that produces foot soaks, look no further than We only use pure epsom salt and essential oils when creating our foot salts, so you can rest assured your customers are using a product that’s effective and safe.

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Bath Bombs

Bath bombs explode into colorful and fragrant bubbles when added to bath water. Like bath salts, they are made with mineral salt, essential oils, and other ingredients that allow them to produce bubbles.

Shower Tablets

Shower tablets offer similar therapeutic benefits as bath salts, but they are meant to be used in the shower. Instead of soaking in it, the user lets the shower tablet melt in the shower to release its scent with the shower steam. This product is popular for those who want to experience the same relaxing benefits of a bath salt but do not have a bathtub.

Laundry Powder Detergent

While there are a lot of store-brand laundry powders, many consumers are opting for more sustainable and natural laundry powders. These natural laundry powders do not contain harsh chemicals that may trigger allergies or irritate the skin. With lots of families opting for this type of laundry powder, this is a great product to sell.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a primary ingredient in most private label bath salts offerings. However, this item is also in demand nowadays as aromatherapy has become a staple in many homes thanks to its relaxing benefits.

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private label bath salts


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