Private Label Ready Bath And Body Products You Can Order Now

Private Label Ready Bath Products You Can Order Now

If you are looking for private label ready bath and body products you can brand and sell as your own, there are many different things you can choose from. The best part? With private label manufacturing, you can focus on marketing while the manufacturer does the rest of the work for you!

Beauty and bath products are an essential part of a customer’s lifestyle, so they want those made with care. Here are a few examples of products you can now order from private labels:

Foot Soaks

Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate compound and has been used for hundreds of years as both a soothing agent and discomfort reliever. Find foot soaks made with high-quality epsom salt to exfoliate dead skin and decrease the roughness you may have on your feet.

At, we use only pure, high-quality, USP Grade epsom salt in making foot soaks. If you work with us, you can rest assured that the products you will offer are safe to use. Contact us today to learn more.

Bath Bombs

When you order private label bath bombs, you save yourself the headache of developing the product. You will find an already fully customized product from a contract manufacturer that can clearly represent your brand while resonating with customers. You can also be assured of the high-quality ingredients and standards used during its manufacturing. All you need to do is create a custom and eye-catching label to attract more customers. 

Shower Tablets

Time is precious, and it is important to understand that not all your customers have time to soak in a warm bath with salts. That is when shower tablets come in and take over. Shower tablets can be used in the shower at night for relaxation or in the morning as a nice boost to the start of the day.

Bath Salts

When adding private label bath salt to your line, you want to ensure you only go for high-quality formulations made using natural and safe ingredients. The ones we offer are of higher quality than others and contain only pure ingredients like Dead Sea salt and essential oils.

Good bath salts soothe muscles, hydrate the skin, detoxify the body, and relieve discomfort. The macro and trace minerals in them are beneficial for our health and can work to balance the entire body.

Ready to find a manufacturer to create private label ready bath and body products you will sell? Let’s talk. Contact us today for a free quote.


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