Private Label Contract Manufacturer Criteria

private label contract manufacturer

A private label contract manufacturer helps you create your own brand. This is exactly what we at do. We manufacture your products under an agreement while you take care of the big picture at your company. We are focused on bath salts, so if your business idea matches our services, we should talk soon.

When you partner with the right manufacturer, starting a new brand can be simple and easy to manage even when you have other businesses. We specialize in new brands, so if it’s your first time to start a business, we can help you. If you need some time to shop around for your contract manufacturing company, here are some questions that might help you set your criteria:

Does The Private Label Contract Manufacturer Help With Design?

Not every manufacturing agency is created equal. Some companies might only be interested in manufacturing the products. They are likely to ship unlabeled goods to you. That’s fine for those with existing designers and manpower for the labeling, but what about those without them? We at have in-house graphic designers to assist with label and packaging design.

Will Your Manufacturing Partner Dropship Direct To Customers?

When you choose us for your bath and foot soak manufacturing, there’s no need to worry about shipping. We can handle all of your dropshipping needs across the country. A contract manufacturer should do everything in its power to make your life easy. So, look for a partner that can do just that and surpass your expectations in every way.

What Are Your Short And Long-Term Warehouse Storage Options?

Just because you’ve opened your own business doesn’t mean you need a warehouse. Even if you have a garage, your spare space might be insufficient for your inventory. You can simply work with a manufacturing partner that offers short and long-term warehouse storage. We always make sure that our partners’ products are properly stored and safe in our Kentucky warehouse.

There are way more than three questions you should ask before choosing a private label contract manufacturer. However, this is a good place to start. Call us now to discuss your private label bath salt brand. You may also click here to get a free quote.


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