Private Label Epsom Salt: Sell This Versatile Product With Many Uses And Benefits

private label epsom salt

When you choose to sell private label epsom salt, you will find plenty of wholesale options. You can even find a better deal when you purchase it in bulk.

Epsom salt has many uses and benefits. If you are ready to start selling this versatile product, you should be well aware of all it has to offer.

What Is Private Label Epsom Salt?

Chemically, all epsom salts are the same. They are all made of magnesium and sulfate. The differences come in the manufacturing and packaging of the product. There are also various grades available.

USP Grade epsom salt is the highest grade you can find. This kind has the highest level of quality control. If you find a supplier that meets these stringent specifications, then you have found the right provider. In fact, you’re in the right place right now because we at only use this kind of epsom salt in making our bath and body products.

The Many Uses Of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is commonly used in baths, but there are several other ways to take advantage of this beneficial ingredient. Here are some of them:

Soothe Muscle Aches

Epsom salt is used in flotation tanks because it increases the gravity of the tank by changing its density and adding buoyancy to the water. This is what allows you to float in one of these tanks. Most tanks require around 800 pounds of epsom salt or six pounds for every gallon of water. These are good for combatting stress, soothing muscle aches and soreness, and helping you reach a Zen-like state of relaxation.

Exfoliate The Skin

Epsom salt also makes a great exfoliator and removes dead skin cells. It leaves the skin soft and refreshed. Simply place a small amount of it in your hand, add a little water, massage it into your skin, and rinse.

Treat Cracked Heels

You can also find quality epsom salts used in luxurious foot soaks. This is a good beauty treatment if you find yourself with cracked or flaky heels. The epsom salt mixed with warm water relaxes and revives the feet and is naturally therapeutic.

If you’re looking for a manufacturer of epsom salt foot soaks, call us at 800-619-9021 or fill out this form for a free quotation.

Add Volume To Your Hair

If you are contending with flat, dull hair, epsom salt mixed with water can add texture, volume, and life. It also hydrates dry hair when added to the conditioner. Leave the mixture on the hair for two minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Now that you know all the benefits of this versatile product, it is time to start selling your own private label epsom salt products. Contact us today for your free quote and more information on getting started in this profitable niche.

private label bath salts


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