Private Label Salt Business: Take These 5 Steps First (Before Signing With A Manufacturer)

private label bath salts

Are you a business person looking to enjoy a slice of the bath products market? Consider launching your own private label salt business. However, before getting started, there are a few things you want to do before signing with a contract manufacturer and getting your business up and running. 

What Is Private Labeling?

Before we get into it, let’s take a quick look at what private labeling is and why it benefits you as a seller. When choosing private labeling, you outsource your product sourcing and manufacturing to a third party.

You apply your own brand to the packaging when it is time to sell your product. The private label model allows you to control the design and style of the brand you sell.

Benefits Of Private Labeling

Selling products manufactured by a third-party company comes with its own advantages, including a loyal customer base, higher profit margins, wholesale income, and exclusivity. When choosing the best contract manufacturer for your products, there are a few things to keep in mind.

5 Steps To Take Before Signing With A Manufacturer

1. Review The Agreement

The private label agreement is the first to look at before signing with a manufacturer. You must acknowledge that the manufacturer retains ownership of the product recipes or formulations it uses after the production run is done.

And since business goals change, you need to make sure you can scale your company with the manufacturer. You may want to start looking elsewhere if they can’t handle your growing business. 

2. Find A Reliable Manufacturing Company

Next, you want to be sure that the manufacturing company you go with is reliable and credible and supplies only high-quality products. This is especially important when you sell private label bath salt

3. Secure A Good Deal For More Competitive Pricing

You can secure a higher profit margin when you find a good deal on the manufacturing end of things. During this step, you also want to ask about pricing for sample products, the minimum order quantities, any discounts for bulk purchases, and what kind of delivery costs you could expect.

When you choose as your manufacturing company, you will benefit from a low minimum order quantity and a quick turnaround time, and you can choose from a wide range of stock formulas for your bath salts.

4. Ensure The Private Label Salt Product Quality And Standards

With the right manufacturing company on your side, you can select ingredients that fit your unique branding objectives. This allows you to launch a product your customers will love, and you can have greater peace of mind knowing that you are supplying them with a high-quality and safe product. 

The United States Pharmacopeia grades products for their potency, safety, and purity. You want to ensure that what you get is USP Grade, meaning that it has met all the standards, ensuring it is safe and effective. This should be one of your top priorities before signing with a manufacturer.

5. Ask About Delivery And Fulfillment Options

Before signing any agreements, you want to inquire about delivery times and what happens if there are any unexpected delays or problems. When selling private label bath salts, you want to be sure the products end up in the customers’ hands so you don’t lose any business or credibility. 

When you work with us at, you can choose from a number of different fulfillment options, including Amazon FBA Fulfillment or dropshipping directly to the customers. There are also warehouse storage options if you are looking for temporary or long-term storage for your bath and beauty products.

Following these steps before signing with a manufacturer for your private label business can help ensure your continued success. You will have a high-quality private label salt product that your customers will love while eliminating the headache of manufacturing the products yourself.

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private label bath salts

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