Where To Find Private Label Bath Salts For Amazon FBA

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Are you an Amazon FBA seller interested in selling bath salts, bath soaks, and foot Soaks on Amazon Seller Central? This article will walk you through the process of getting set up to sell bath & beauty products (also known as personal care products) on the Amazon seller platform.

Although this article offers a great introduction to the process of selling bath & body products on Amazon, please note that things are constantly changing over at the online marketplace.

Take everything you read here with a grain of salt, and be sure to do your own research!  Some of the rules and regulations may & will vary depending on your specific project, your location, your type of business, etc.

Nonetheless, this guide will definitely help give you a broad overview to help you get started selling bath salts, foot soaks, and similar products on Amazon.

Amazon Category Registration

Before you can begin selling bath & beauty products on Amazon, you’ll typically need to register for the category. Amazon generally considers “private label bath soaks” and similar products as “topicals” which require special documentation for approval.

We suggest double-checking with Amazon directly on this topic to be sure you’re following their most up-to-date process.

Finding A Bath Soaks Manufacturer

Once you’re registered with Amazon, you’ll want to search for a contract manufacturing company that can make the product for you. Look for one that has experience specifically with Amazon and can support you from start to finish.

You’ll need help making the product of course, but you’ll also need help with shipping to FBA too. Contract manufacturing companies often have what’s called an “MOQ” (minimum order quantity).

Be sure to ask this question upfront: “What’s the MOQ for bath salt and foot salt products?” Usually the larger your order, the better price you can secure. But in the beginning, it’s important to find a co-manufacturer who can offer you a lower MOQ of 500-1,000 units to help you get started.

At PrivateLabelBathSalts.com, we ship directly to Amazon FBA warehouses, with several located near our Kentucky facility. We have years of experience with Amazon and can even help you set up your store on the platform. Contact us to know more.

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Creating Your Product For The Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is extremely competitive. Do careful research before you get started. Determine what type of product you’ll create, and what keywords you’ll be targeting.

Try to pinpoint a specific market on Amazon where your products can be competitive. You’ll want to be very strategic with your product size & product pricing. If you can organize all of these details in advance, you’ll be way ahead of most Amazon sellers.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Amazon is very picky about when, where, and how you ship products to their FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) warehouses. Ask your private label manufacturer upfront: “Can you help ship the product to Amazon FBA on my behalf?”

Often this will incur additional costs, but it will save you the step of first shipping the goods to your own warehouse and then to Amazon. You should also ask about warehousing and storage fees in case you want to place a larger order for a lower per-unit price, and then store the excess in your manufacturer’s warehouse until you’re ready to ship.

Growing Your Amazon Bath Salts Brand

Once your inventory hits Amazon’s virtual shelves, you finally get to work on marketing, advertising, listing optimization, and all of the work that goes into launching successful Amazon bath & body products.

If you’re ready to start an Amazon FBA brand, call us at 800-619-9021 or click here for a free quote.

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