Your Private Label Bath Products

Your Private Label Bath Products

Private label bath products are one way that new entrepreneurs like you can break into a booming industry while leaving the production to experienced professionals. Working with a manufacturing contractor can help you develop new products alongside trusted sources who can support you in creating products your customers are sure to love.

Making Your Private Label Bath Products Your Own 

While professionals manufacture your private label bath and body products, that doesn’t mean they’re not your own. At, we have a wide range of formulations made of salts infused with essential oils. These natural oils provide aromatherapy and fragrance to the product.

private label bath saltWith many to choose from, you can offer products that perfectly suit your niche. You can work alongside our professionals to create blends that fit your brand personality and even suggest your desired formulations for testing.

Why Essential Oils? 

Essential oils are extracted from plants through various methods, usually by steam distillation or cold-pressing, making them natural and derived directly from botanical sources. In contrast, fragrances, especially synthetic ones, are often created in laboratories using a combination of chemicals.

Some people prefer natural products and believe that essential oils provide a more authentic and pure aroma. At, we use pure essential oils when creating bath salts. If you’re looking to offer all-natural products or cater to a market that prefers products with natural ingredients, you can partner with us.

private label bath salt

The world of private label bath and body products is vast when you use high-quality USP Grade epsom salt, natural ingredients, and authentic essential oils. Any brand personality can be represented in a blend. Contract manufacturing professionals are here to turn personalities into essential products customers are sure to love.

Our team at can help you launch or expand your private label bath products business. Not only do we take care of product manufacturing; but we also help with designing labels, packaging and fulfilling orders, and setting up your e-commerce store. Fill out this form for any questions or call us at 800-619-9021.

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